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photoblog image On going traditions
Here is a photo of the many traditonal trading dowhs located in Dubai
Zebigleb from France 6 Oct 2006, 10:54
Very interresting and well done ! smile
Nishath Nizar: thanks alot!

Ellie from United Kingdom 6 Oct 2006, 14:41
I like it.
Nishath Nizar: im glad u do!

latest comment
Mia from US of A 8 Oct 2006, 06:00
I've seen Sisila showing me the models and lovely modern buildings in Dubai, and here's you completing the picture of the Dubai I hear abt so much smile Like the shot and the crop.
Nishath Nizar: Me and sis were going to go to this place to take pictures actually, but never came round to doing it.

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for this photo I'm in a constructive critical comments icon ShMood©
camera DMC-F7
exposure mode shutter priority
shutterspeed 1/250s
aperture f/5.6
sensitivity ISO100
focal length 5.3mm
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